I have been involved in the jewelry commerce since the 90’s. Forged in the wholesale family company I quickly mastered all aspects of jewelry business but never settled. Being an inquiring mind I constantly challenged myself with designing and creating projects that inspired me. I am proficient in computers and technology and design everything I need myself, including this website and all designs and logos found here. I have a good understanding of creation processes and in my youth I have manufactured a vast array of things.

Today, I am content to love my work. I conceive and design all jewelry but also design and create jewelry requested by clients. High jewelry 18K gold with diamonds and precious or semi precious gemstones. On top of that my cherished wife is assisting me with all marketing aspects of our business.

In this website you will find exclusively my designs but you can also contact me to make a request for a special something you crave!

Billy Paraskevopoulos